Press Secretary Spicer: Obama Doesn’t Care

Obama doesn’t care.


People across the United States are in various states of confusion and awe as Donald Trump tries to ram his health care                 legislation, dubiously dubbed Obamacare-Light, through the House of Representatives.

“Look,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer began Thursday, “we’ve got to get this through. We can’t have Obamacare anymore. Whether or not Obamacare is good for America is not the issue; it’s clear that the problem is Obama doesn’t care anymore.”

“It’s been what? Two, going on three months since he left office,” continued Spicer. “Obama’s out playing golf in the Florida Keys or betting on camel racing in Dubai. He doesn’t care. The insurance; a single payer? It’s not his problem, people. He’s like on frigging Cobra or something.”