First Big Mac On eBay

The first Big Mac


Last Monday, McDonald’s put the very first Big Mac prototype on eBay.

This is in the shadow of the select distribution of Big Mac sauces in Canada and the release of the Grand Mac and Mac Jr.


The Big Mac prototype eBay posting


First introduced to McDonald’s Pittsburg area restaurants in 1967, the initial sandwich was made of fluoridated raccoon meat (primarily for its gristly, crunchy texture that upheld in processing) and a sesame seed bun consisting of saw dust and, well, sesame seeds.

Former press secretary for the Obama administration and current McDonald’s chief of public relations, Robert Gibbs, maintained, “Even after roughly 50 years and various ingredient substitutions, I can assure [everyone] that the very first Big Mac will taste just like Big Macs today, maybe even bigger and maccier.”