Trump Allegedly Shared Confidential Intel

Trump shared confidential information with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador to the US at a White House meeting last week, according to CNN who quoted The Washington Post who paraphrased the NY Times who alleged may have referenced the scenario in a movie review about an another awful, egregious X-Men flick.

The information was supposedly e-mailed to Russian President Vladimir Putin via a proxy installed in Hillary Clinton’s smart-refrigerator.

Although, it is somewhat unclear precisely what information was shared with the Russians. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson maintained there was a “broad range of subjects” discussed during the meeting and mutual efforts regarding counter-terrorism were discussed.

However, critics of the current White House administration are nonetheless suspicious that more sensitive information was shared, such as the treasure map to “One-Eyed” Willy’s hidden fortune.


Putin sharing the treasure map with the presidents of Iran and China.


This development is coming to light as James Comey was fired by Trump as FBI Director, further building public mistrust. Yet sources maintain that Trump may redeem himself in the eyes of the public by filling the position with the heart-warming, unsuspecting hero, Sloth.


Sloth testifies before Congress.