Talkin’ Tic Tacs

Tic Tacs: The Taste of Addiction

Dear Ask Alicia:

I like Tic Tacs a lot.

My family and friends think I have a problem. They even went so far to set up an intervention.

It’s not like I do drugs, drink alcohol, or am addicted to gambling. I never had a real vice in my life. I’d go as far to say that if Tic Tacs are my only problem, I’m doing pretty well.

I mean, sure, I’d rather down several boxes of orange Tic Tacs in the morning instead of breakfast. And I follow up every meal with the Fresh Mint flavor instead of brushing my teeth.

Yeah, I have my share of cavities. But who doesn’t?

They’re less than two calories per mint.

I don’t want to stop; I don’t see a reason to. Am I wrong?


Talkin’ Tic Tacs


Dear Talkin’ Tic Tacs:

I think your family and friends have a point. 2 calories add up quick.

However, I don’t think you should outright stop eating Tic Tacs. I’m not suggesting that you will get withdrawal from them. But if you eat enough Tic Tacs, eventually you will reach the event horizon and it will be that much easier to quit.

Your teeth may fall out. You may get diabetes and go blind. You may get hypertension and ultimately get a stroke. But keep going. Forge ahead.

At some point you will fall into a deep diabetic coma. And when’s the last time you saw an unconscious person pop a Tic Tac? Never.

So don’t give up.

Good luck.