New iPhone Autocorrect Glitch



Another glitch affecting iPhones has come to light.

This new bug has become apparent nearly a week after iOS 11.1 autocorrect was replacing the lower case “i” with the characters “A[?]”

This error similarly affects the autocorrect feature, replacing the word “sit” with “shit” without the users input. But Apple claims the glitch is too insignificant to warrant a fix.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook elaborated in a press release Tuesday, “This ‘sit’ glitch is not a big deal. We plan to make a correction in the next major operating system rollout. Besides, I don’t think this is going to really make a difference. When people evacuate their bowels they are traditionally sitting. So to replace the two words with each other isn’t that significant. Other than that,” he continued, “our data indicates that people rarely text the word ‘sit’ to begin with.”