Alex Jones, Anger Reaches Critical Mass

Alex Jones


Alex Jones, host of the website, officially reached critical mass yesterday during his podcast.

The producer of Jones’ show claims that the US government aimed a specialized radio frequency via the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, stationed in Alaska directly at the set in an attempt to disrupt their show. He said that instead of interfering with the equipment via the ionosphere, the beam caused Jones to turn into a large, raging green monster.

While Alex Jones did appear to turn into an enormous green beast, there is neither evidence of a HAARP device being used nor any attempted government interference of the show in general.

Critics claim that Jones’ transformation was many years in the making; that he survived so much stress and anger for so long is surprising. “Honestly, I’d of expected him to suffer a number of brain hemorrhages before this,” said an anonymous reddit user.

Another claimed that “you can mark the precise moment when a caller tells Jones he’s an impotent shill and his physical change.” There appears to be credibility to the latter’s comment. The green Jones could be heard ranting that he “couldn’t make love to my [his] ex-wife,” because of fluoride and chemtrails.