“Let Them Eat Gay Cake”



A bakery is under fire for refusing to make a gay cake for a homosexual wedding couple.

This is in the wake of a similar case concerning a bakery in Colorado facing the Supreme Court this week. In this pending case, the baker is accused of violating the Colorado Anti-Discrimination Act. The baker claims preparing the cake would oppose both his religious expressive freedoms.

Now in Tennessee, a couple is accusing a bakery of bigotry in a “time of progress,” with the couple saying “I thought we were passed this. I really thought we didn’t have to fight anymore, especially on this joyful occasion of our marriage.”

Gerald and John Masterson are pressing the baker because he has not expressed any particular religious opposition. They’re saying “it’s not about God. It’s about something else; maybe just plain hate and disgust. It’s really appalling.”

But the Tennessee baker is perplexed, asking, perhaps rhetorically, “How does one bake a cake with a sexual preference, let alone a gender?”