No Such Thing As Fake News



There is no such thing as fake news.

Reporters follow facts.

Facts are inherently true because they are indeed facts. That is the nature of facts. Whether or not the contents or conclusions they draw are based in reality or not, facts are still facts. They are expressed as such.

The same also occurs in computer programming, such as JavaScript, C++, and Python. A Boolean (or binary variable) with a value returns true, while everything without a value is 0 or false.

In ordinary math, the expression of zero has no meaning (it’s just a placeholder). Thus, zero has no qualitative data. A binary statement is therefore either a true fact or it is null.

Bringing it back, commentators and news casters rely on reporters’ findings. Thus, through a transitive property those commentators and anchors’ accounts are always true.

So when someone says feline aids can spread to humans or swine flu causes pigs to fly, those statements are true because they are facts.